Colorado Funeral Directors Association

Charles T. "Chuck" Bowman

Candidate for NFDA Secretary - 2015

Charles T. "Chuck" Bowman



As an At-Large Representative on NFDA’s Executive Board since 2013 and a member of NFDA’s Policy Board for 6 years, serving the NFDA has been a very rewarding experience and working with the true professionals of this assembly is simply inspiring.

I want to continue my commitment to leadership, education, advocacy and preparedness as Secretary of the National Funeral Directors Association.

NFDA plays an important role by mentoring funeral directors at all levels to become future leaders of the profession. By creating opportunities to educate and train funeral home employees, NFDA will help its members to provide meaningful end-of-life services and demonstrate a model of excellence and integrity for future leaders in funeral service.

My experience in advocacy for the state of Colorado can be a valuable asset as I continue to serve NFDA. As Legislative Chair for the Colorado Funeral Directors Association since 2004, I am proud to have helped create legislation that promotes standards of practice and fairness, improves oversight of preneed contract sellers, and protects consumers from the worry of unlawful situations. I am frequently called upon by the Department of Regulatory Agencies to answer questions about the practice of funeral service and often testify before the state’s legislature to advocate for funeral directors. I’ve also taken an active role in the development of Colorado’s Electronic Death Registration system that will be launched statewide in 2015.

My years of experience in disaster response – as a police officer, as retired Deputy Commander of DMORT Region VIII, and as chairman of CFDA’s Disaster Team – can be of great assistance to the NFDA as we continue to advocate for mass fatality preparedness.

I am honored to be a part of this caring business and hope to be able to continue to serve and support the members of the National Funeral Directors Association. I humbly ask for your vote as a candidate for NFDA Secretary.

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